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NASILP secretariat has been transfered to University of South Alabama now. 

Mrs. Jenny Faile will be the secretary of NASILP.

Secretariat address is: 

Students in the University of North Alabama's Critical Languages Program are submitting applications for the 2017 Critical Language Scholarships. They are encouraged that UNA has previously had winning applications: once to study in Tunisia, once in Oman.

Alabama CLC staff showed up for the homecoming event on 10/1.

University of Denver, Center for World Languages & cultures (Director,  Alison M. Nishi and Associate Director, Dr. Adrienne Gonzales) has offering both as credit-bearing electives for undergraduates and noncredit offerings for graduate students and the community. 



 Morehouse College, Department of Modern Foreign Languages (Chair, Dr. Michael F. Dillon)  is now offering Wolof in the fall of 2016 as NASILP system. 

The Tutoring a Foreign Language Certificate

 Finding qualified tutors or language partners is a constant activity for Critical and Self-instructional Language Programs throughout the United States.