Welcome to the world of Self-Instructional Language Programs!

 The National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs (NASILP) is a membership-driven organization that supports, promotes, and provides guidance to institutions seeking to give their students an opportunity to study less commonly taught and critical languages not available through their traditional classroom offerings. These programs, called “SILPs,” provide students with the freedom to study such languages with a structured but individually managed focus on the aspects that are most pertinent to their personal and professional needs. 

Working with an institutional director or coordinator who is familiar with the NASILP model, and with the help of native speakers known as “tutors” or “language partners,” and for credit-based situations, credentialed examiners, SILP students develop and follow a formally prescribed program of study. They gain linguistic and cultural competence through interactive endeavors, develop their ability to adapt and to respond to new linguistic and cultural environments in a world of rapid political, economic and cultural changes, and in the process, they come to see language learning as a lifelong process. Most importantly, by providing their own intrinsic motivation to learn, SILP students take full responsibility for their language learning and can take full credit for their success.