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46th Annual Conference Samford University        

National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs, INC.

Friday, October 18th

☐  12:30pm

      Registration Open

      Cooney Field House, room 305

☐  1:15-1:30pm


      Florin Beschea, NASILP President, Davidson College

      Dr. Grant Henley, Chair of Department of World Languages & Cultures, Samford University

☐  1:30-2:30pm

      The NASILP Model in Action!

      Jenny Faile, NASILP Secretariat, University of South Alabama

      Lioba Gerhardi, NASILP Vice-President, Vassar College

☐  2:40-3:10pm

   Critical Languages Program @ UNA

      Rebecca Linam, University of North Alabama

☐  3:15-3:30pm Refreshment break

☐  3:30-4:00pm

   ACTFL Proficiency Assessments: Placement, Progress Measurement, and Language Proficiency Certification

      Andrew Bowen, LTI: the ACTFL Assessment Office

☐  4:10-4:40pm

   Language Policy and Legislation Recap for 2018-2019 and Looking Ahead to 2020

      Trey Calvin, JNCL-NCLIS

☐  4:50-5:20pm

   Examples of the Use of Technology for Learning Languages

Mike Ledgerwood, Samford University

☐  5:30-6:00pm

   Using H5P for Less Commonly Taught Language Learning

      Scott Brill, Language Canvas, LLC

☐  6:30-9:00pm

      Dinner at Landry's Seafood House

Saturday, October 19th

☐  7:30am Buffet breakfast @ Drury Inn Hotel

☐  9:00-9:30am

      Redefining Context: Three Practical and Surprisingly Simple Ways to Harness the Power of BYOD

      Molly Godwin-Jones, Kansas University

☐  9:40-10:10am

   STARTALK and the Impact of Intensive Critical Language Programs

      Irina Pidberejna, Samford University

☐  10:15-10:30am Refreshment break

☐  10:30-11:00am

      Preparing for the Boren Scholarship Experience: the Process from Applying to Going Abroad

      Hadley Spadaccini, University of Alabama Graduate Student

☐  11:10-11:40am

   Ask What Language Study Can Do for Technology

      Cory Duclos, Colgate University

☐  11:50-12:20pm

      “Écoute-Radio”: Building Listening Comprehension Skills using Music in an Intensive, Cooperative Environment

  1. Brian Mann, University of North Georgia

☐  12:30pm Buffet Lunch

☐  1:30-2:30pm

      Business meeting for NASILP Member Institutions

      (one vote per institution)

☐  2:30pm Adjourn

Tray Calvin JNCL -NCLIS Presentation

2018 Conference Program



“Language Proficiency Assessments from Language Testing International”

 Andrew Bowen, Language Testing International

2018 Conference Program



Scott Brill Presentation

“Online Language Learning Courses for LCTLs with Video, Transcriptions and   Annotations”

2018 Conference Program


“Establishing a Self-Instructional Language Program: The NASILP Model in Action”
Jenny Faile & Lioba Gerhardi, moderators
University of South Alabama
Vassar College

2018 Conference Program