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NASILP Conference 2022 will be at The University of Arizona November 4th and 5th, 2022
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NASILP Secretariat

Virtual Conference 2021

This year, all of our presentations will be on this page. The members are encouraged to give comments for each presenter. 

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 Multiliteracies Approach to Communicative Language Teaching by Adeola Agoke, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who are members of NASILP?
    • Currently many universities, colleges, and schools in the United States are affiliated with the NASILP. Any academic institutions may apply for membership. Individual membership is also available.
  • What is the institutional membership fee?
    • $300 per year or $750 for three years. New membership is established for three years and later renewed at either rate.
  • How many students are engaged in the NASILP approach to language learning?
    • The number varies from term to term, and different for each member institution.
  • NASILP's member schools offer academic credit for these courses?
    • Yes. Grades and academic credit are based on the assessment of an "outside Examiner" for another institution. NASILP programs are virtually unique in providing external validation of students performance.
  • Does NASILP receive financial support in addition to membership dues?
    • NASILP has received grant support for special projects from the U.S. Department of Education, the Japan Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and ARCO Corp. (Atlantic-Richfield).
  • Are there limitations to the NASILP format?
    • Yes. NASILP programs do not incorporate the study of literature, linguistics courses at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.

      For further questions,   please contact us      

Welcome to NASILP

Are you an educator who wants to offer Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) , or directing language courses at your institution?

NASILP is a network of administrators / directors, coordinators, tutors, students, examiners, and anyone who promote self-instructional language programs in the USA.

We will: