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From Dr. Alex Dunkel, NASILP Executive Director Emeritus 

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Lou Wagner’s passing.

Lou Wagner was a talented Slavic academician and pedagogue, but I first grew to know him as the Treasurer of NASILP, virtually from its first day as an incorporated professional organization—a pioneering one—of the uncommonly taught languages.  His was a dedication that spanned several decades, from the pre-digital to the digital age, from NASILP’s founding Executive Director, Professor John B. Means, to its present Executive Director, Dr. Koji Arizumi.  As a colleague of many years, and as an Executive Director of seventeen years, I valued Lou’s sage advice that kept NASILP on a stable financial path.


To say that “Lou will be sorely missed” is an enormous understatement!


On a personal note, Lou’s voice was the one I remembered from my first NASILP meeting in 1987; my last memory is that of the dinner that Lou and his wife Mary, hosted for my wife Mary and myself in 2014 upon my retirement from NASILP.


His invaluable contribution to NASILP is indelibly etched in my memory.


Alex Dunkel

Associate Professor,

    Russian and Slavic Studies

Former Director 

    Critical Languages Program


The University of Arizona


Tucson, Arizona 85719

Alabama CLC staff showed up for the homecoming event on 10/1. They wrote people's names in different languages. Their table was one of the most popular ones! Roll Tide! Alabama Critical Languages Center~!    

 Morehouse College, Department of Modern Foreign Languages (Chair, Dr. Michael F. Dillon)  is now offering Wolof in the fall of 2016 as NASILP system. 

Students in the University of North Alabama's Critical Languages Program are submitting applications for the 2017 Critical Language Scholarships. They are encouraged that UNA has previously had winning applications: once to study in Tunisia, once in Oman.

University of Denver, Center for World Languages & cultures (Director,  Alison M. Nishi and Associate Director, Dr. Adrienne Gonzales) has offering both as credit-bearing electives for undergraduates and noncredit offerings for graduate students and the community. 



The Tutoring a Foreign Language Certificate

 Finding qualified tutors or language partners is a constant activity for Critical and Self-instructional Language Programs throughout the United States. 

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NASILP conference 2016 is around the corner. Please tell your friends.  There are a lot of useful information include scholarship opportunity for your students. please check more information. You can contact the conference coordinator.



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